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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

LISACON2020 Inaugural Function

LISACON 2020 Technical Sessions

LISACON2020 Valedictory Function

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Dear Friends,

I am happy to present the LIS Academy the LIS Mirror to the Profession of Librarianship. I am desired this Blog shall be a best platform for all the professionals to place their thinking, ideas and arguments. This blog also provides opportunity for commenting on the postings of other Bloggers to take the proposed concept to the conclusion with the community opinions.

This Blog will also serve as a News portal and help to post all the activities and initiatives of Libraries in the country along with the event pictures and reports.

LIS Academy is a collaborative Initiative, all professionals will have equal opportunities to initiate and participate in all its activities. This shall be developed as a platform to learn, update and train others.

This can be a blog for LIS Students, Young Professionals to learn from senior professionals’ postings.

I request all the professionals to subscribe to this blog to enable them to get notifications as and when a new posting is made by other professionals.

Thanking You,

Dr. P. V. Konnur,

President LIS Academy,


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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Research Support Services of LIS Academy

The LIS Academy has been established with the following main objectives:

  • Supporting Libraries in implementing Technology;

  • Supporting Librarians in upgrading their skills;

  • Helping the LIS Students and young Librarians by building technical skills of LIS Profession and;

  • Support researchers to conduct original research by imparting tools and technics of research among the researchers.

The LIS Academy has conducted following events on skills and techniques of Research:

1. LIS Academy, Bangalore in collaboration with KUVEMPU University organized a two days’

National Seminar on “Toolkit to accelerate Research” on 22 & 23 March 2019 at Conference

Hall KUVEMPU University, Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta, Shivamogga Dist. Karnataka State.

2. The LIS Academy in collaboration with Chennabasaveswara Institute of Technology, Gubbi

organised a State Level Seminar on “Toolkit to Accelerate Research” on 3-4 May 2019.

3. Training program on Reference Management Tool: Mendeley 4th Jan 2020

The LIS Academy had organised a Trainig Program on Reference Management Tool: Mendeley to a focused group of researchers at LIS Academy, Bangalore on 4th January 2020.

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